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Our school is not a church school - can we still buy in?

Yes, you can buy in to the SLA and we also offer a wide range of services within our menu of additional services. Please call the office on 01865 208242 and we’ll be happy to advise further.

We are a very small school - can we jointly buy an SLA with another school?

Yes, federated small schools with one headteacher and one governing body can buy into the SLA jointly; however, they would obviously have to share the provision.

Is this just for primary schools?

Not at all, most secondary schools already buy into the SLA. We have a dedicated secondary school link adviser to support them.

Do we get access to a named person?

Yes, not only will you have the support of your own named link adviser but you will also have access to other members of the team if you require a particular area of expertise.

We are a Muti Academy Trust. Can we buy individual services?

Church schools within a MAT are expected to buy at least core SLA individually; this will then enable MATs to buy any additional services or packages on top of this, as required.

As this is a 3 year agreement, how and when will we be invoiced?

The cost of your SLA is spread across your 3 year membership and you will be invoiced in 3 annual instalments in April.

Why is there a different charge for VA schools/Academies and VC schools?

VA schools and academies are charged at a higher rate due to the additional services needed to cover their building, premises and land issues and the admissions and appeals service.

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact Tracy Richardson on 01865 208242 or email and she will be delighted to help.